september, 2019

03sep19:0023:00Gamewatch: ND vs Louisville Cardinals

Event Details

We are organizing a game watch next week at the New Sanno.  Since the game is being played on Labor Day Night back in the States, we have decided to hold the game watch on Tuesday EVENING at the New Sanno so everyone can attend to their livelihoods during the day on Tuesday.  This means the game will be “tape delayed” which is a departure from our normal “live at all costs” viewing routine.  So please remember the game watch has a 7:00 PM kickoff (19:00 if you prefer).


IMPORTANT – RSVP to Jerry (see your email inbox) by Friday August 30. Because the Sanno is a U.S. military hotel, security is tight and it’s absolutely necessary for each attendee to RSVP in advance with your full name. It’s also necessary to bring your passport. If you’re not on the (pre-cleared) list or don’t have proper ID, they’re liable to turn you away.

Also note:

1. There are certain restrictions on non-American/non-Japanese citizens. Please shout if this describes you or your guests.

2. No one under 20 years old is allowed in the lounge for the game watch (sorry).

3. Table service is provided on a when-possible, military-first basis. Please be nice to the staff!

New Sanno


(Tuesday) 19:00 - 23:00 JST


New Sanno

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