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Over the last four decades, the Club’s activities have centered on organizing gamewatches, hosting welcome/farewell parties for incoming and outgoing alumni, hosting VIPs, mentoring Year-in-Japan Notre Dame students, and organizing other events and activities.

On this page, please find some highlights of the Club’s history. Many of the activities described below were facilitated by Jim Moynihan, Senior Club Advisor and former Alumni Association Board of Directors Asia Representative (2002-2005). Every voluntary organization that hopes to create value for its members needs people who are fully invested in helping the organization both behind the scenes and when facing the membership and/or external groups and institutions. He will tell you that it has just been a hobby or a labor of love, but the Club’s many successes – and it’s traction as an institution – can be traced to the investments of time, effort, location provisioning, and funds that Jim Moynihan has made in the Club.



Numerous gamewatches were held at the Moynihans’ Embassy compound residence. Many club members and former club members fondly remember the 1988 national championship game watch.


Occasional gamewatches were held at the Tokyo American Club.


Numerous gamewatches have been held at the New Sanno Hotel and, when the New Sanno was unavailable, at the Moynihans’ Hiro residence.


Hosting VIPs/Receptions/Events

Spring 1988

Notre Dame’s International Development Director David Morissey was accompanied by Club Member Jim Moynihan to Meiji Jingu Stadium for a Yakult Swallows game and seats in the Emperor’s Box.

Easter 1988

The Club hosted a welcome reception for Fathers Hesburgh and Joyce when they were the honorary chaplains on the QE2’s maiden around the world voyage.

Spring 1990

William Sexton of the Notre Dame Alumni Relations Office was introduced to the Japan Ministry of Justice.  UND Law School and Japan Ministry of Justice initiate program in Fall/1990 for Japan prosecutors to join Japan Judges in a one year study program at the UND Law School for MLM degrees.  Both programs continue to this day with over 100 Japan judges and prosecutors having attended UND Law School.

Spring 1991

The Club hosted a reception to welcome Father George MINAMIKI to Japan;  the reception was attended by over 30 Japan judges and lawyers who Father MINAMIKI befriended while they studied at UND Law School

Summer 1991

The Club hosted a reception for Father MALLOY and other UND dignitaries at the Tokyo American Club.

Summer 1999

The Club hosted a reception at New Sanno Hotel Ballroom for UND President Edward MALLOY during his visit to Japan and Australia. Over 100 UND graduates attended this reception.

March 23, 2002

Tokyo UND Club attends the funeral memorial Mass for Father George MINAMIKI at the St. Ignatius Church at Sophia University and final interment of his remains in the St. Ignatius Crypt.

2000-2004; 2006-2009

Tokyo Summer UND MBA Program students were invited to the annual US Embassy Housing Compound 4th of July celebration.

Spring 2009

The Club hosted Notre Dame Provost Burish and facilitated a tour inside the Imperial Palace, dinner for the UND delegation at New Sanno Hotel, and courtesy calls to Sophia University and Nanzan University.

Spring 2008

The Club hosted a Notre Dame Day at the Ballpark with a baseball gamewatch at the Chiba Lotte Marines Baseball Stadium.

January 2010

The Club hosted a reception at Legends Sports Bar for visiting School of Science Dean Crawford and 10 Science majors.

July 4, 2008

The Club hosted a 4th of July lecture in the Shinsei Bank reception area for UND Mendoza Business School visiting Dean Carolyn WU;  a dinner afterward was hosted by Jim FOSTER at his residence.

December 3, 2010

The Club hosted welcome reception at Legends Sports Bar for Morrissey, Associate Provost ENTRIKIN and Asia Initiatives Advisor Jonathan NOBLE

Thanksgiving Tradition


Thanksgiving 1998-2004

The Club starts an annual tradition of inviting all current Notre Dame Year-in-Japan students to come to Tokyo for Thanksgiving weekend.  Club alumni provide accommodations at their residences for the visiting students, a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner with the students as the guests of honor is held on Saturday night starts;  the weekend concludes with a gamewatch against either USC or Stanford on Sunday morning, depending upon the year.

Thanksgiving 2006 – present

The Club resumes its annual Thanksgiving tradition of bringing the Notre Dame Year-in-Japan students to Tokyo for Thanksgiving weekend.